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Work Environment

For Ce-Tec A/S, every employee is an important resource, and through our work environment policy, we want a basis for developing and maintaining a good physical and mental work environment in the company. Therefore, we emphasize that there must be a good and well-functioning work environment for both employees and management, which can generate recognition from our stakeholders.

At Ce-Tec A/S, we emphasize that everyone thrives and that we through an open culture and dialogue create a foundation for continuous improvement, as well as eliminating and minimizing risks to staff and other stakeholders who may be exposed to work-related hazards associated with company activities and services.

In order to create a good work environment, management strives to work systematically with occupational health and safety management in accordance with OHSAS: 18001: 2008. The philosophy is that through focus, identification, analysis and assessment, the entire work environment can be optimized and work-related risks minimized.

Implicitly through systematic focus, we will prevent recurring accidents and incidents.

At Ce-Tec A/S, we strive to make all our employees automatically direct their attention to the real causes of accidents and / or poor work environment and then try to eliminate the underlying reasons, where possible. Through the systematic focus and subsequent action, we can continuously improve our work environment impact in our processes.

Therefore, the work environment is an open and transparent topic between management and employees, and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to come forward with their, sometimes less flattering, input and issues, we regularly encourage everyone to use our AMO representative or our whistleblower channel, where one can remain anonymous.

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