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Technical Support

Ce-Tec can offer technical assistance to perform various technical services for which you want advice or assistance, or for which you want to outsource as a specific task. We offer our services in various technical areas, where you either do not have the compentencies yourselves or the time to solve these tasks.

This can be anything from technical advice, document management and preparation of documents to technical translation from Danish-English and English-Danish.

At Ce-Tec, we have engineers and technical professionals with various competencies in various disciplines who can assist with the technical support.

We have, among other things, specialized in the preparation of electrical technical procedures and advice in relation to quality management systems KLS / KLS-D.

We can help get your products approved in the product register and help prepare the statutory data sheets to comply with the EU regulation and Danish law.

We can specify materials and ensure that deliveries have the appropriate documentation within piping systems, steel structure and Electrical & Instrumentation.

We can create material procurement requests (PR), perform material follow-up, as well as localization in SAP and creation of material numbers in SAP.

We can provide assistance for the more common administrative tasks within office and staff management.

It is you as a customer who sets the framework for the task. We can offer the service as a fixed price or on an hourly basis, depending on the nature of the task..


Among other things, we supply technical support for:

  • Quality control of project documentation
  • Preparation of procedures
  • Document management and document preparation
  • Procurement and general material management in SAP and other management systems
  • Technical translations DA/ENG & ENG/DA
  • Achilles JQS Qualified
  • Iso 9001 certificeret - Intertek
  • Achilles Utilities NCE


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