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Industry Consultants

Ce-Tec offers skilled labor in the form of consultants for almost every position in a company or organization. We assist in finding suitable and flexible candidates with experience in the area in question to cover both acute or more long-term needs.

The need for labor can arise suddenly, or it can be for a limited period, and you do not have the time, desire or resources to go through an entire recruitment process, to hire someone for a shorter period. This is where we help companies with qualified assistance to fill the gaps that have suddenly arisen. We offer our services for short and long periods, depending on the customer's needs.

At the same time, it gives the individual candidates the opportunity to gain professional experience and competencies, and several of our employees have, so to speak, created their own small professional niches, where they today are highly valued staff in the company they work in - some streching over decades.

Ce-Tec has a wide range of candidates, all of whom have different core competencies, whether it is the project manager with 30 years + experience or the student assistant who is in charge of procurement, and we are constantly looking for new exciting candidates to support our customers' growing and often unexpected needs.

Today, Ce-Tec employs everything from engineers, inspectors, IT experts to administrative staff, whose competencies extend far into the various disciplines. Ce-Tec operates primarily in the energy industry based on oil and gas. Our graduates typically have accumulated experience from various industries, national or international companies and project locations.

Our services are provided on a consultancy basis, where the consultants are part of the customer company's daily operations and become an integral part of the company staff for a period of time.

The advantage is that you, as a customer, get rid of the complete heavy administrative part. We take over the administration in relation to the employment, so you can always count on a fixed price in the given period, and you avoid the responsibility afterwards.

The advantage for you as a consultant through Ce-Tec is that you are guaranteed employment in relation to the Salaried Employees Act and are guaranteed proper employment conditions.

If you are looking for the right person, please contact Ce-Tec, because we just might have the one.

Or if you are thinking about trying something new, please send us your unsolicited application here.


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