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E-learning is an effective way to facilitate knowledge-sharing across the organization - regardless of time and place. It is the course tool of the future in quality-assuring and streamlining the education, and ensuring a management-wise overview of the employees' information and learning.

Ce-Tec can develop interactive e-learning material, which meets the latest LMS standards (cmi5 and SCORM) ensuring compatibility with most of today's electronic systems.

We prepare a customer specific set-up adjusted to the specific needs of the customer in the context of the material, and it can be designed to feature multiple languages in both writing and speech, so that the company can streamline the education in a global perspective.  


We can supply the following services:

  • Transform existing course material
  • Develop customer-specific courses
  • Update existing e-learning material
  • Offer multiple language options, in writing and speech
  • Intergrate a smart translation functionality
  • Possibility of video material intergration 
  • Intergrate customer-specific dokuments and files
  • Add interactive elements
  • Add simple animations
  • Intergrate tests
  • Adjust logo, text and colours 
  • Achilles JQS Qualified
  • Iso 9001 certificeret - Intertek
  • Achilles Utilities NCE


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