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Hiring Process

At Ce-Tec, we believe in committees, and we do not hire anyone with whom we have not looked in eye and have had a personal conversation with.

Whenever we have a job request from a customer, we always start by checking our candidate database. About 90 % of our open positions are occupied by people registered in our database. If we find a suitable candidate, we will get in touch and see if he/she might be interested in the upcoming job.

If the person accepts, he/she must submit an updated CV and, in agreement, the person's CV will be forwarded to the customer. In some cases, names and other personally identifiable data will be removed from CV when forwarded to the customer.

Should the customer be interested in the candidate, you will firstly be invited to a personal interview at Ce-Tec, where we will match expectations regarding the job and working conditions. If it all falls into place, it depends on the customer and position, ie. whether you can be hired directly after, or if you have to go to a job interview at customer's afterwards.

If you get the job and all the terms have been settled in agreement, you will of course be hired and you will receive your employment contract shortly after. 

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