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Senior Planning Geologist

Senior Planning Geologist

Job description

Working as a Consultant for Ce-Tec A/S at a Danish Oil & Gas Company. 


Situation in organization

Line manger: Subsurface Manager


Job and service dimension

Start date: May 1st 2024

Duration: 1 year


Scope of work:


  • Contribute to the delivery of maximum value from new exploration, appraisal and development wells through robust application of referential guidelines, preparation of operational geology strategies for well execution, maintenance and update of local geosteering and subsurface well delivery lessons learned. 
  • Prepare, follow-up and perform post well studies/reports of Exploration, Appraisal and Development complex, deviated and horizontal wells. 
  • Ensure a timely preparation of the WSOR process, including the well data acquisition program. 



  • Contribute actively to the development of the safety culture within the operational team 
  • Responsible  for  the  proper  respect  of  all  safety  procedures  and  orders applicable to all service companies’ personnel under his supervision 
  • Contribute to the safety of operations through efficient implementation, integration and interpretation of real time detection techniques 
  • Co-organise risk assessments, pre-job  meetings,  prepare  and  review procedures especially regarding specific operations 
  • Collect and share all safety alerts, incidents and/or accident reports issued by offshore crews and service companies 
  • Conduct, with help of SUB HSE coordinator, HSE & Technical annualvisits/audits on service companies’ units (offshore) and bases (onshore) 


Planning of Geological Operations 

  • Participate actively in the preparation and redaction of all related documents (WSOR, well proposals...) in coordination with other Assets (G&G, Drilling...) especially for the well data acquisition programs and geostoping + geosteering strategies 
  • Provide operations geology input to the identification and planning of reservoir & infill well opportunities 
  • Prepare subsurface well delivery planning and execution in accordance with referential requirements 
  • Prepare maintain, update and deliver local geosteering guidelines / lessons learned documentation for new wells 
  • Provide operations geology input to well trajectory planning, detailed well design, geomechanics studies 
  • Provide  input  to  integrated  reviews  of  offset  well  hazards  and  previous lessons learned as required 
  • Identify  and  justify  data  acquisition  requirements  required  to  inform geosteering decisions during well execution 


Execution of Geological Operations 

Provide  high  level  support  to  the  responsible  operations  geologist  and operations  petrophysicist  –  as  needed.  Partake  in  well  operations  in  a supervised role only – no active duty of any kind. 



Background/Qualification/Experience required

  • Formal education: Minimum BSc - Geology 
  • Professional experience: More than 15 years of relevant experience; exposure to long horizontal well geosteering desirable 
  • Requires strong interpersonal skills with historical operational/well delivery/well planning experience, recognising and adapting to integration  requirements with 2 G&R peers, experience with operational  communication/decision interfaces 
  • Communication skills: Strong spoken, written and presentation capability.   
  • Relationship builder 
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • High degree of competence with Petrel 
  • Fully autonomous in well preparation (WSOR) process 


Contact information

Please send your application today if you are up for new challenges.

Application and CV must be sent via our website www.ce-tec.dk .

Interested? Don’t hesitate - applications are processed on an ongoing basis.

  • Achilles JQS Qualified
  • Iso 9001 certificeret - Intertek
  • Achilles Utilities NCE


  • Ce-Tec A/S
  • CVR: 33771339


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